Pay for Staff (5 or MOre)

Becoming an HBCA member comes with a wide array of perks. Once you are a member, you can stay up to date on information concerning camps, clinics, tournaments, leagues, etc., that can help you develop your coaching skills and your entire basketball program! Other benefits include:

- Discounts from vendors at the HBCA fall clinic and sponsors of the HBCA
- Opportunity to buy tickets to HBCA events like the all-star dinner/banquet
​- Opportunity to vote on HBCA All-District teams; East/West All-Star teams; and District Coach of the Year (COACHES NOTE THAT YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE HBCA TO BE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE!)

​Please see Article IV of our Constitution  for an exhaustive list of perks and to see who is eligible to become a member.

​​To become a member of the HBCA, you have 3 options:

a) Join the HBCA through clinic enrollment, which allows you to attend the Fall Coaches Clinic and become a  member at the same time.

b) Download and fill out the membership form. Mail it in to the address listed on the form along with your membership fees.

c) Pay via the corresponding PayPal link below and save your Transaction ID/Receipt Number. THEN  have each member fill out the form below.

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