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Dr. Dish Drills of the Week

3 on 3 Pick and Roll Reads with Coach Liam Flynn

In this progression, Professional Basketball Coach Liam Flynn goes through a great pick and roll scenario while using the Dr. Dish CT in the Dish Lab. Make sure to read the whole article and also check out his previous 3 videos of the Drive, Kick, Clear progression team drills.

Finishing Against Defense: Footwork Drills

These footwork drills feature Jordan Lawley.  In this workout, he demonstrates 3 great footwork options in a catch and shoot situation. Watch the video and read the full article below.

What Should Your Eyes Follow When You Shoot?

At Dr. Dish Basketball we're fully committed to helping build better shooters and more complete players. And while we want to provide the best resources and knowledge to players, we also know we don't know EVERYTHING about the game.

Partner Basketball Drills:  Drive and Kick

In this drill we were fortunate to have two of our partners and skills trainers, DJ Sackmann and Reid Ouse, in the Dish Lab to demonstrate in the Dish Lab using the Dr. Dish CT. While it's shown as a partner drill here, you can also execute it in a small group setting as well.

A Message from Coach Thompson

Starting the New Year

The longer I’ve been in education, the more I understand that every new year brings constant change.  I can only remember a time or two where I was in the same teaching, admin, or coaching position with exactly the same classes or responsibilities that I had the previous year.  Part of that has been that I have moved around a little bit and the other part is that working in education you have to realize that there is constant change.

As the new year gets off to a fast and furious start, remember to keep your focus on your players and on the kids in your classroom.  They will look for you as a sense of calm. They will look to you for leadership. When things seem like they may be spinning out of control with all of the busyness of the new school year and approaching fall workouts, remember to fall back on your daily routine and your devotionals for guidance.  Make sure you have a solid foundation and give each day to the Lord.

So, as Will Ferrell said in Old School, “Here’s to new beginnings.”

FCA Message from Jason Brand & Billy Holder

Fun Factor


“You love Him, though you have not seen Him. And though not seeing Him now, you believe in Him and rejoice with inexpressible and glorious joy.” – 1 Peter 1:8


When I coach lacrosse, I love making practice fun. Instead of running sprints at the end, I take a football out of my bag and split the boys into teams. They run fast and work hard, but they also have fun. According to youth sports surveys, the number one reason kids quit sports is because it’s not fun anymore. Baseball all-star Ken Griffey Jr. once said, “When you have fun, it changes all the pressure to pleasure.”

Did you know the word “fun” is never mentioned in the Bible? That’s because God gives us something better—joy! Joy is the deep feeling of great pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness regardless of circumstances. It is something we experience on the inside that overflows to the outside.

The Christian life can feel like competitive sports. Sometimes being a Christian is hard, and many want to quit. Find joy in living the Christian life. Approach your devotions with delight, not with dread.

The Fun Factor is this: If it’s fun, it gets done! I’m more likely to stick with something if it’s fun, and others are more likely to join in if they perceive that what you’re doing is fun! Ask God to help you experience joy in your daily walk with Him.

Our joy should overflow into everything we do—on the field, in the locker room, in the classroom, and at home. Allow God to fill you with overflowing joy!


  1. Would you describe your relationship with Christ as being fun or joyful?

  2. Describe a challenge you faced that you were able to experience joy as you pushed through it.


3 John 1:4; James 1:2


Father, thank You for being a God of joy! Please bring me joy as I seek You and spend time in Your Word. Let my joy overflow to others! Amen.

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